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Student leadership

Eagle Junction State School is committed to developing students intellectually, physically and emotionally. As part of this, the school is deeply involved in developing student leadership capacity through leadership development programs, camps and the years 4-6 leadership program. Leadership opportunities are available for all students, even from prep.

School captains

Year 5 and 6 students elect a girl and boy school captains for the following school year.

School vice captains

Year 5 and 6 students also elect the school vice captains for the following school year.

Student councillors

Year 4 to 6 student councillors are elected early in the school year and mid-way through the school year. This enables a larger number of the students to hold positions of responsibility and to build leadership density in throughout the school. Student councillors are presented with their badges of office at special induction assemblies held early in terms 1 and 3.

The roles and responsibilities of our student leaders are varied and may include:

  • Acting as ambassadors of Eagle Junction State School, by presenting a model of high standard in leadership, dress and behaviour

  • Organising fundraising events, such as free dress days for various charities throughout the year, including the vellore hospital in india

  • Liaising with classes in the lower school, by presenting any ideas or concerns to weekly student council meetings

  • Communicating all activities of the student council to the whole school community

  • Attending student council meetings

  • Representing the school at official functions.

Sports house captains

Sports house captains and vice house captains are selected early in the school year. Sports house captains assist with the training and organisation of their respective teams as well as the presentation of speeches of introduction, motivation and acceptance for the major sports carnivals of cross country, athletics and swimming.

Sports captains may be asked to implement and direct the daily physical education program for year 5 and 6 students as they are led through a variety of skill and fitness activities. They also assist at all sports carnivals as part of their role.

Senior leadership

In preparation of senior leadership roles, students who express a desire to take on future leadership positions are enrolled into a leadership development program during the second half of year 5.  Following a criteria format, students are required to exhibit a range of behaviours and qualities appropriate for leadership positions.

All students are encouraged to complete this senior leader card and the successful applicants are awarded senior leader badges in a special whole of school leadership ceremony conducted in terms 1 and 3.